‘The law of defamation in the UK has for many years been regarded as draconian and unfair’

Defamation, defined as “[attacking] the good reputation of” (Collins, 2010, p.150), originally derived from common law, meaning it is based on custom and precedent as opposed to statute (Hanna & Dodd, 2016, p.474). Defamatory statements come in two forms: slander – statements in spoken or transient form; and libel – statements in written form (Quinn, 2015, p.214) and can be made against any living individual who has a reputation to protect.

How the representation of female reporters affect a viewer’s interest

This essay discusses the way society engages with news presenters and whether gender affects the viewers’ interest, specifically whether viewers prefer male reporters to females. Generally, gender stereotypes conform females to adhere to certain characteristics, for example: personality traits; domestic behaviours; occupations and physical appearance (Planned Parenthood, Unknown).

Local councils discussion

A local authority, “an administrative body in local government” (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d), can be split into several different structures, in England there are two main types: unitary and two-tier. Birmingham City Council (BCC) is a unitary council, “a single local authority is responsible for all local services” (Morrison, 2015, p.620), meaning they are responsible for all the key services offered to the area; opposed to key services being split in two-tier councils (for example, Lincolnshire County Council are responsible for education for the whole county while City of Lincoln cover housing).

Birmingham City Council overview

Birmingham City Council (BCC) as we know it today is a relatively new style of council which originated in the 1990s. The “most significant council restructure since 1974” introduced a unitary structure hoping to “improve the efficiency and transparency of local administration by reducing service duplication, slashing bureaucracy, and establishing a simplified, uniform council structure across [England and Wales].” (Morrison, 2015, p. 329).

News Provider Analysis

The Daily Mail, first published in 1896 (Gale Primary Sources, 2013), is a national tabloid. Their target audience is lower-middle-class, specifically women, inferred by the emphasis on lifestyle segments (Reference.com). Weekday circulation in 2014 was 1,437,541 (Mail Advertising, 2014) meaning they were second to The Sun (Mail Classified).

Political Satire

Satire is the “use of ridicule to expose vice or folly” (Collins English Dictionary, 2010, 515) using irony or wit; it came to light and was most popular between 1780-1830 (Antony-Lewczuk, 2016) following on from satirists such as Aristophanes, whom “built the foundations of Western comedy” (Study.com, undated) and was popular during the Ancient Greek period.