Step 3 – an adventurous adventure

Iceland had 1,289,140 visitors into the country in 2015, greatly outnumbering their population of 333,668 (at the time of posting anyway!) As an easily accessible 4 hour flight, from all across the UK, landing in a place with the most amazing views – the youngest country in the world is the perfect getaway, if you can afford it! But why do travellers always head back here when it costs SO much?

an assignment of adventures

As part of my Journalism degree I have an assignment where I have to write a series of 4 blog posts. I have chosen to do mine on the topic of learning to travel independently. I will be posting one of these each week throughout March and will update the links below as I go along.

You’re not alone

Everyone has expectations of their uni experience. Whether they’re going to go out every night of Freshers or get firsts in every assignment – I was no different. I thought I’d constantly be surrounded by people; coffee dates, group meetings, film nights in, alcohol nights out. What a shock I had when the excitement of a new city and new people fizzled out.