Step 4 – a solo adventure

Having spent years adventuring with my family and school, it was finally time for my first solo adventure – accompanied by my best friend of course!
Seeking a relaxing break and lots of sun, after finishing our A Levels, we headed to the Greek Island of Kos. Having spent weeks researching, planning and choosing our holiday we eventually handed over £385 each in exchange for ten days of sunshine and happiness – which seemed like a pretty good deal!

Step 3 – an adventurous adventure

Iceland had 1,289,140 visitors into the country in 2015, greatly outnumbering their population of 333,668 (at the time of posting anyway!) As an easily accessible 4 hour flight, from all across the UK, landing in a place with the most amazing views – the youngest country in the world is the perfect getaway, if you can afford it! But why do travellers always head back here when it costs SO much?

Step 1 – a family adventure

Coming from a family of travellers, it is no surprise that I have the intense feeling of wanderlust. The desire to be anywhere but where I am. We’ve done it all; beach breaks, camping adventures, city wanders and Disney dreams. However as I grow older, there is less opportunity for me to get away with them. So I took 2015, a year of birthdays and anniversaries, as an excuse for us to adventure across the pond.

an assignment of adventures

As part of my Journalism degree I have an assignment where I have to write a series of 4 blog posts. I have chosen to do mine on the topic of learning to travel independently. I will be posting one of these each week throughout March and will update the links below as I go along.