Letter to my future self

I made it part of my Summer Bucket List to write a letter to my future self and as I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about the future over the past few weeks (and the fact that I’ve hardly completed any of my summer bucket list) it felt like now was the perfect time to write it.


Step 4 – a solo adventure

Having spent years adventuring with my family and school, it was finally time for my first solo adventure – accompanied by my best friend of course!
Seeking a relaxing break and lots of sun, after finishing our A Levels, we headed to the Greek Island of Kos. Having spent weeks researching, planning and choosing our holiday we eventually handed over £385 each in exchange for ten days of sunshine and happiness – which seemed like a pretty good deal!

Step 3 – an adventurous adventure

Iceland had 1,289,140 visitors into the country in 2015, greatly outnumbering their population of 333,668 (at the time of posting anyway!) As an easily accessible 4 hour flight, from all across the UK, landing in a place with the most amazing views – the youngest country in the world is the perfect getaway, if you can afford it! But why do travellers always head back here when it costs SO much?

Step 1 – a family adventure

Coming from a family of travellers, it is no surprise that I have the intense feeling of wanderlust. The desire to be anywhere but where I am. We’ve done it all; beach breaks, camping adventures, city wanders and Disney dreams. However as I grow older, there is less opportunity for me to get away with them. So I took 2015, a year of birthdays and anniversaries, as an excuse for us to adventure across the pond.

Summer Bucket List

I’ve always had a mental bucket list yet only put pen to paper a few years ago to give me something to focus on completing (which can be found here). Despite having a full list, I don’t seem to be working through them with any particular speed. So I’m making a list of 10 which I aim to complete between now and my return to Lincoln in September – maybe I’ll even do a post about as many as I can!