Bucket List

Listed below is my bucket list, those in green are completed and others are adventures I am yet to have!

  1. Go on a camping trip with my friends
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Visit New York
  4. Have a romantic first date
  5. Swim with dolphins
  6. Go on a beach holiday and sunbathe for the whole trip
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Watch a sunrise
  9. Visit California
  10. Have something published
  11. Go skiing
  12. Have a flat stomach at one point (!)
  13. Run a marathon (maybe just a half marathon)
  14. Go white water rafting
  15. Drink a glass of wine and enjoy it
  16. Do a sky dive/paraglide/something that involves falling out of the sky
  17. Make a public speech 
  18. Say ‘I Love You’ and mean it
  19. Visit Africa
  20. Work in a café
  21. Go for a barefoot jog on the beach
  22. Witness a solar eclipse
  23. Stargaze
  24. Have a hamster
  25. Sleep under the stars
  26. Have a Disney Themed Party
  27. Go on holiday with no intention of a destination
  28. Cook a meal I’m proud of
  29. Fly first class
  30. Be vegan (for as long as I can cope…)
  31. Bake a beautiful cake
  32. Swim in a lake
  33. Visit a volcano
  34. Meet someone you can only dream of meeting
  35. Drive Route 66
  36. Go up the Empire State Building
  37. Go up the Eiffel Tower
  38. Be an extra in a film
  39. Go to a silent disco
  40. Be happy
  41. Visit Barcelona
  42. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
  43. Go to Comic Con
  44. Visit Italy
  45. Walk Hadrian’s Wall
  46. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  47. Go to an Olympic Games
  48. Go to Coachella
  49. Read more than 100 books
  50. Visit Wilmington
  51. Go ziplining
  52. Send a message in a bottle
  53. Go to Disney
  54. Watch a beautiful firework display
  55. Donate blood
  56. See live music
  57. Live in London
  58. Visit Ireland
  59. Swim under a waterfall
  60. Set foot on every continent
  61. Go to a drive-in movie
  62. Meet Sophia Bush
  63. Learn to play the guitar
  64. Visit the Grand Canyon
  65. Learn to surf
  66. Write a letter to my future self
  67. Go to a festival
  68. Send a letter to a random address and see if anyone writes back
  69. Break a world record
  70. Swim in the sea
  71. See a play on Broadway
  72. See a play in the West End
  73. Go on holiday in a Camper
  74. Try bacon
  75. Have a memories jar
  76. Frequently keep a diary
  77. Raise £300 for a charity
  78. Have really long hair
  79. Have flawless skin
  80. Make s’mores
  81. Pick strawberries
  82. Have a huge water balloon fight
  83. Do a Colour Run
  84. Do a Sky Ride
  85. Go on a really cute picnic
  86. Join a gym
  87. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
  88. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  89. Sit on the Met Steps
  90. Make gorgeous tasting cookies
  91. Bring in New Years in Times Square
  92. Have a New Years kiss
  93. Have a Pixar marathon
  94. Do a Potterthon
  95. See Taylor Swift Live
  96. Visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour
  97. See the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  98. Go on a spa day
  99. Be a bridesmaid
  100. Visit Chicago
  101. Do a selfless good deed
  102. Eat healthily
  103. Do summer camp in America