Happiness in my heart

I get called a pessimist all the time. Hurts to hear it but I know it’s probably true. It’s not that I don’t want to see the best in things and people, it’s that the worst just always seems to shine brighter. I’ve learnt to not get my hopes up nowadays because they always get knocked down – sounds bad but it’s just the way it is.

Time to be more optimistic!

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However, I do want to be always happy and see the best in things. So when I saw Summersdale’s collection of books featuring How to be Happy, I thought “great, let’s see what rubbish this has in it then” – always a pessimist! It wasn’t rubbish though, it was filled with fun quotes, bright colours and tips on how to bring happiness to all elements of your life.

And so armed with my new purchase, I decided to go on a new adventure – one aiming to find the happiness in all parts of my life. Be it people, things, events and places; I hope to find the everyday things that make me happy but I always seem to overlook.

Come on this adventure with me and have a think about the things that make you happy – maybe we can all learn to appreciate them a bit more.



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