My smoothie adventure

IMG_0481Following on from my previous post about my hopes and aspirations for summer, all of which are tied up in my Summer Bucketlist – I chose to incorporate ’10. Eat healthily’ as my Lent for the run up to Easter 2017. I’ve never been particularly good at giving things up – I like food in general and don’t like the thought of stopping eating it! So I chose to simply try to be a healthier version of myself, making sure there’s a portion of vegetables on my plate with every meal, drinking plenty of water and my main venture – drinking smoothies.

As a banana hater, I’ve never been one for drinking many pre-made smoothies because of the lack of any in the market which don’t contain the dreaded yellow fruit – except the Naked Blue Machine which is filled with so many blueberries (arguably my favourite fruit) that you can’t taste the bananas! But I do like the excitement that comes with IMG_0830blending my own smoothies.

And so began my smoothie adventure, armed with a bunch of fruit (but no bunches of bananas!) and my ambiano smoothie maker – which looks fab in a variety of colours and comes in handy bottles that you can take out and about with you!

The first smoothie I made – and still my go-to to this day – consisted of a bag of frozen summer fruits, blueberries, strawberries, apple and water. I’ve got more adventurous as time went on, adding bits of plum, mango and whatever else is lying around in – I still don’t think I’ll quite ever reach the point of putting spinach and kale in them though!

So here’s the recipe of the best smoothie I ever had!



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