Step 4 – a solo adventure

Having spent years adventuring with my family and school, it was finally time for my first solo adventure – accompanied by my best friend of course!


Seeking a relaxing break and lots of sun, after finishing our A Levels, we headed to the Greek Island of Kos. Having spent weeks researching, planning and choosing our holiday we eventually handed over £385 each in exchange for ten days of sunshine and happiness – which seemed like a pretty good deal!

By now I’d gone on enough adventures to know the travel-deal; packing light, checking-in in good time, researching public transport, you know the drill! Yet nothing could compare to the scariness of heading through security and travelling to a foreign country as two 5-foot, timid 18-year-olds.

We did however manage to overcome every ‘adult difficulty’ we faced! Handling €800 between us was one of the most difficult parts as we were very conscious of having a large amount of money on us – although it soon shrunk as we spent money on meals, day trips and adventurous activities.

We were also challenged with getting around the island as neither of us were old enough to hire a car (or a quad bike as was far more popular on the windy streets of our village, Kefalos). This meant we were reliant on the use of the 6-a-day (in peak season!) buses toIMG_2546 Kos Town to get us out for the day. I have to say that Travel West Midlands could take a leaf out of Kos’ Local Bus schedules as they were always on time and provided a coach ensuring guests travelled comfortably.

Although we spent most of our time sunbathing, reading and swimming in the hotel pool, we did manage to have a few day trips out to the town, a waterpark and Paradise Beach. We visited my personal favourite attraction, The Hippocrates Tree, where according to myth Hippocrates taught his pupils. Kos offered a magnitude of other history for us to explore which saw us walking under scorching sun through Ancient Agoras and across one of the largest Asklepions in the world.

Although we faced – and learnt from – troubles, I can genuinely say that we had the most amazing trip and I can’t wait for us to get away again.

54 alcoholic drinks. 17 nice people met. 11 cats to play with. 10 days. 9 hours of flying. 6 bottles of sun cream. 5 Greek meals. 3 injuries. 2 best friends.
1 holiday of happiness.

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