Step 1 – a family adventure

Coming from a family of travellers, it is no surprise that I have the intense feeling of wanderlust. The desire to be anywhere but where I am.

We’ve done it all; beach breaks, camping adventures, city wanders and Disney dreams.

However as I grow older, there is less opportunity for me to get away with them. So I took 2015, a year of birthdays and anniversaries, as an excuse for us to adventure across the pond.

Planning to head to our family’s happy place, I started researching companies we could go to Disney, Orlando with. Before long I stumbled upon the opportunity for a multi-city trip to New York as well – ticking off more of my bucket list!

We’ve always been a family with a plan, can’t do a spontaneous day because its absolutely necessary to know exactly what’s happening. But this time it wasn’t just my parents doing the planning. I was putting everything into practice that I’ve learnt from them on our past adventures.


And so it began, negotiating car hire, hotels, flights; choosing MagicBand colours; planning routes to get around; booking fastpasses; picking which New York Skyscraper to admire the city from.

Landing in JFK and seeing New York’s skyline made any stress worth it. The breathtaking thrill of its-just-like-in-the-movies excited me so much that I didn’t pick my jaw up from the floor for our whole four days there. The endless traffic noise, claustrophobic feel, busy crowds and cold weather didn’t bother me – nothing could when I was in a city I love that much.

After a whistle-stop tour of NYC, we flew to Florida where we walked straight into the scorching heat as we stepped off the plane.


From there it only got better – there’s nowhere I’d rather spend Christmas Day than sunning myself on a ride in Typhoon Lagoon in 30°C.

Although the planning didn’t stop there – I was still organising what time we were getting up, where we were going to eat each day and was even still up packing to come home at 3am!

Yet the planning didn’t bother me anymore, it excited me to be able to take control and organise what I wanted to do. What’s more, it inspired me to do it more by myself.

It was there, in my happy place surrounded by happy people, that I rung in 2016, my year of independent travel – 6 countries, 9 trips and 1,000 memories.

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