Summer Bucket List

10337738_10202190949841896_4294033502381701680_nI’ve always had a mental bucket list yet only put pen to paper a few years ago to give me something to focus on completing (which can be found here).

Despite having a full list, I don’t seem to be working through them with any particular speed. So I’m making a list of 10 which I aim to complete between now and my return to Lincoln in September – maybe I’ll even do a post about as many as I can!

Here goes..10409434_10202190962322208_5288628121167849953_n

  1. Go on a camping trip with my friends
  2. Send a message in a bottle
  3. Write a letter to my future self
  4. Go to a festival
  5. Frequently keep a diary
  6. Do a Colour Run
  7. Go on a really cute picnic
  8. Make gorgeous tasting cookies
  9. Have a Pixar marathon
  10. Eat healthily

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