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Welcome to my collection of everything I have done, professionally and vocationally, throughout my degree, career and travels!


Talie Colbourne

I’m a 22 year-old, originally from Birmingham but currently living in Lincoln. Professionally, I have a first-class degree in Journalism from the university of Lincoln and am currently working as the Social Media & Blogging Intern for the University of Lincoln Student Life. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling the world (with as many trips to Disney Parks as possible), baking and reading.

What do you want to see?


When I was younger, I was always writing and blogging was my first way of dipping my toes into the world of storytelling. I don’t do it as much anymore, but it still has a very special place in my heart.


Stemming from a realisation that I really love filming and being behind the camera, I have had the opportunity to be a videographer on multiple occasions, most notably at an American summer camp.


My most recent love is vlogging, whether I’m in a Disney park or just on a day out, I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with an in the moment style of storytelling and allowing my creativity to unfold.


Photography is now more of a hobby for me, since studying it at A Level and during my degree, but I feel it has been an integral basis to my understanding of composition, cameras and creativity.


I graduated with a first class degree in Journalism, studying Print, Multiplatform and theory before specialising in Television News Production, Online and Social Media in my final year.


While I trained as a journalist, I am currently working as a Social Media Manager, enjoy design in my spare time and would absolutely love to have a future in any kind of communications.

Recent Articles

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    As a third year I’m starting to hit the harsh realisation that I’m entering the adult world and will very soon need a job. When I first started looking I had no idea where or how but since exploring some more, I’ve come across lots of sites and tips that could help other people!
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    With deadlines and exams starting to loom, finding the right kind of studying for you is even more important. It varies for everyone, whether you like mindmaps or flashcards and whether you prefer to sit in the library or in your bed.
  • Why the first year of uni does matter
    The three years of uni all have one thing in common: you’ll think they were the best years of your life. First year is very different to second year and, I imagine, second year is very different to third year.
  • How to eat healthily at uni
    Being at university (and probably on a budget) could mean that being healthy is the last thing on your mind. But there are so many ways that you can maintain a healthy diet (alongside exercise and wellbeing) without breaking the bank, here are a few!
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    Dawson’s Creek is currently celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, that means it’s a whole 20 years since it aired. Despite being around in the late 90’s, Dawson’s Creek is still one of the most relatable shows of all time.
  • 19 One Tree Hill quotes to live your life by
    One Tree Hill was one of the best tv shows of the noughties and helped a lot of teens to escape from their lives. Personally, I feel the show is still as relevant as ever and therefore, in honour of the 6th anniversary of its series finale, here are the 19 quotes to live your life by.


What People Say

It’s been an absolute joy to work with Talie. She is incredibly proactive and has excelled in her management of the Student Editors and Content Creators, showing strong organisational and leadership skills. She’s a vital and valued member of the student life team, and has taken all responsibilities and challenges in her stride.

Jasmine Foley | Mental Health Project Digital Project Lead

Talie is an excellent leader and is always happy to help with any queries or problems I have. She is very proactive and always encouraging us to work independently to develop our own ideas to contribute to Student Life, whilst also being a great team leader. As a co-worker she has excellent communication skills and is one of the most organised people I know! I have really enjoyed working with her and know she will do great things in the future.

Jess White | Student Life Editor

Talie’s Adventures

One of my favourite hobbies is vlogging my adventures, from Walt Disney World to the West Coast, Dublin to days out, hauls and so much more!

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